• Data Analytics & Performance Reporting

    Unlock the performance management secrets hidden in your data.
  • Unlimited Metrics. Unlimited Users.

    The most cost-effective cloud-based operational performance reporting and BI solution available today.
  • Configure. Load. Go!

    No special software or programming, no complex connectors, coding, or extractors.
  • Hard Metrics, Made Easy

    KPIs empowered by your data and uniquely configured to your business.

Unlock Your Data

Watch the video and get your key to improved business intelligence and performance management.

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Performance Manager Version 5.5 represents a major step forward in the core functionality of our platform.

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QeyMetrics™ Business Analytics Software from iQor

A Pioneer

A Pioneer in Cloud-based Business Analytics Software

As part of iQor, QeyMetrics is continuing its pioneering role in cloud-based business analytics software purposefully designed for business people across the enterprise and at all levels of the organization, from the agent to the C-Suite.
Unlock Your Data

Unlock Your Data with a New Key: QeyMetrics™ Business Intelligence Software

QeyMetrics BI software transforms static data into dynamic visuals for fast, simple, data-driven decisions. First released in 2003, QeyMetrics is a cloud-based data analytics and performance reporting tool that lets business users visualize what is happening anywhere in their business, on demand, through role-based, interactive dashboard views in a browser.
Effortlessly Integrate

Effortlessly Integrate Business Intelligence Tools

QeyMetrics is data agnostic. The metrics, reports, charts, data visualizations, and BI tools you see are configured entirely from the data elements in the sources you provide to QeyMetrics.
Unlock the Business Intelligence in Your Data

Unlock the Business Intelligence in Your Data

Eager to understand how performance measurement and data visualization can help you easily spot hidden (and possibly troubling) trends and quickly figure out where you need to dig deeper? Learn more about how QeyMetrics can help you measure and monitor KPI’s and empower employees with interactive business intelligence.